Spotlight – Greta Bellamacina

Spotlight – Greta Bellamacina

If you’ve been following our Monday Muse Journal series, you’ll know we have recently been keen to celebrate women from around the world that we feel are uniquely talented, spirited and inspiring. In line with this theme, we wanted to take a minute to talk about this young, beautiful poet and model from London, Greta Bellamacina.

The Better Geranium

I like to pretend
I don’t care as I pour you a lake
From my kitchen sink.

I pour you my tears
Wide-wept dunes, to the
Geranium hero liver, in
Seas of flowerfaces.

I reorder my ways,
Cause my ‘Friends’ told me it was the ‘right’ way.

“I hope you will stay better”
I say it, but don’t know it.
You will go, because I will go,
In innocence when others are not innocent

A less to lesser us both
My daytime idol, as it appears, bacteria
I grew.

Greta graduated from King’s College London in 2012, with a BA in English. Her poems and articles have been widely published in various magazines and international poetry journals – a regular contributor to Harpers Bazaar UK, known for supporting the literary world through fashion, the publication has been a follower of Greta from the early stages of her career. Greta has also been short-listed as the Young Poet Laureate of London.

Greta has recently collaborated with Dame Vivienne Westwood to help campaign for climate issues. Creating new, emotive poetry about the climate, and world we live in, helping raise awareness for Westwood’s ‘Climate Revolution’.

Her poetry revolves around an unwavering devotion to words, a curiosity for depicting emotions from unfamiliar phrases and seeking unique lexical patterns.

Her debut collection of poetry ‘Kaleidoscope’ was released in 2011, her newest collection is entitled ‘To December – A Devotion To She.’

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