Prabal Gurung Fall Winter 2024 Collection

Prabal Gurung Fall Winter 2024 Collection

Fall Winter 2024 Collection: Fragmented Memories


This collection is an exploration of fragmented memories, sparked by a complicated personal loss, with encounters of involuntary recollections. It acknowledges the blurred lines between memory and reality, inviting introspection.  


Losing someone significant with whom I had a fraught relationship with, left me feeling isolated at first. As I am already confronted with the daily angst in the world, my personal sorrow became one with this broader collective sorrow. For someone accustomed to optimism and vibrancy, a grief like this was new and humbling, propelling me to seek solace in the comfort of nostalgia, despite of my rational self. 


Returning to Nepal, I rediscovered my childhood diaries, with their pages adorned with pressed flowers whose once vibrant colors had faded into the paper. They became a symbol for me, of how memories can distort over time, morphing into something else as we move through the march of time. Memories of treks in the mountains with my loved ones, picking wild orchids, wearing our traditional Himalayan cloth, all came flooding back. This collection served as a cathartic exploration of my past collections with newfound perspectives, navigating me back to my homeland to confront and embrace the mysticism and spirituality of my people.


Tactile textures such as shearling in wrapping silhouettes, evokes a sense of comfort and protection akin to being embraced. Drawing inspiration from childhood memories, from cozy cashmeres to flowing kaftans, one is to be enveloped by one's clothing. The color palette ranges from passion reds to soft pastels of acceptance, mirroring the journey from resilience to vulnerability. Through shadowy effects of layered prints, the collection captures the fragmented nature of memory, with hair and makeup adding to the hauntingly glamorous echoes of the past. The collection is a continuation from the season prior, an ongoing creative journey to overcome life's challenges with resilience and grace.   


I've come to accept that melancholy can offer clarity amidst the chaos of grief, allowing us to honor the past while stepping bravely into the future. As I reflect on the memories woven into this collection, I'm reminded of the profound impact of those we've lost, acknowledging the void their absence leaves behind, but that their essence lives on in memories we hold onto.   


With this collection I honor my father, with whom I shared a complex relationship, yet now recognize his inherent goodness, and acknowledge his role as a supportive father figure.