Monday Muse - Juliette Binoche

Monday Muse - Juliette Binoche

Last week, I left the screening of Olivier Assayas’ “Clouds of Sils Maria” in absolute awe. The depth of the story and the complexities of the characters, handled with intelligence and empathy, remain in my mind. I was so moved by the women in the film, especially Juliet Binoche, that it inspired me to write this week’s Monday Muse.

Binoche’s character truly acts as a musing on the intricacies of age and acceptance of maturity. We experience her struggle with the insecurities of playing an older character, which she once scoffed at but now with whom she must commiserate. The nuances of her performance leap across the screen commanding me to pay attention. The strength and grit of her character left me completely riveted. She is solid. She is powerful.

Juliette Binoche Represents Timeless Talent. We are proud to name her Monday’s Muse

We live in a world that so often reveres and encourages a youth obsessed culture. In today’s society, we often look to others for acceptance, in turn allowing it to dictate our self-esteem and sense of security. We constantly search for validation from social media, our colleagues, and friend circles. While Binoche’s character struggles with the qualms of age in such a world, her performance is unquestionably ageless. She is unafraid to grasp her role and give it full dimension, despite pressures from her peers and critics. She challenges the traditions of Hollywood, positioning herself as a role model and voice of confidence. The entirety of Binoche’s body of work exudes substance and grace.

In a film that explores the tides of age, I felt inspired. I first fell in love with Binoche after seeing her play the young mother, Viviane, in Chocolat. She was charming, charismatic and persuasive in bringing me along her journey set in 1960s France. I was mesmerised. Her role in Clouds of Sils Maria exemplifies a continued success in choosing electric and consolidating roles that exemplify her ability to embrace vulnerability in a world that is obsessed with beauty.

Kristen Stewart & Chloe Moretz, too, were electrifying, completing a trifecta of incredible performers. As a viewer, I felt the commanding presence of Binoche’s dedication to her character mirror the performances of Stewart and Moretz. Her ability to know when to let others shine is an indication of good character and remarkable master of craft.

As a designer, the inspiration I invest in my work comes from every corner of those that I admire, regardless of age. Juliette has always exemplified an undeniable brilliance in her career. She has defied critics’ traditional views of beauty, stood strong in her political beliefs, and managed to stay true to her craft. Juliette Binoche is a profound, inspiring woman of substance similar to the ones I have always celebrated. It’s my honour to name her Monday’s muse.