Support Planned Parenthood with Limited Edition Re-Issue T-Shirts

Support Planned Parenthood with Limited Edition Re-Issue T-Shirts

Attack on the Right to Choose is a direct attack and threat to our democracy. Abortion rights are directly related to democracy as it is a part of healthcare, people's right to control their bodies and health, and, above all, people's right to choose. At this moment, where we are as a nation tells a lot about who we are as people. Our lack of engagement in our political system, a flawed one but the only one we have, resulted in an extremely dangerous leader like Trump in a position of power to appoint these conservative judges. They have overturned Roe and moved this nation and thus the entire world decades back. And if we think it's going to end here, sadly, we are mistaken and delusional. I don't think it would be a stretch of the imagination to say conservatives are working on the grassroots level to invalidate other fundamental rights, including LGBTQ rights, same-sex marriage rights, and rights to contraception, amongst many others. These are many regressive and human right violating ideas indicated by the radical group of people who have been emboldened by the rhetoric set by the extreme conservatives. These decisions do not reflect the majority of the people in this country, suggesting that 60% - 70% of the people favor not overturning Roe V Wade.

So what does it say to us? Our democracy is failing. Period. The wishes and demands of the people this democracy is supposed to serve, its citizens, are entirely ignored. Instead, a handful of people, primarily men, in the position of power, decide for us and especially for women, what is good for us, and what is best for women. Our lack of engagement in the political system has put these dangerous, regressive, power-hungry fools in the position of power. It is flawed. It is repugnant. It is alarming, and the time to act is NOW.

Be enraged. Be angry. Grieve. You Are allowed to. But be ENGAGED. Let‘s turn our collective grief, rage and anger into action.

To support Planned Parenthood, we launched a limited re-issue of the 'Girls Just want to Have Fundamental Rights', 'Nevertheless She Persisted', 'Our Minds, Our Bodies, Our Power' t-shirts, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood.